Monday, 13 October 2014

A Constructivists guide to Vlad Draculea AKA Dracula

I know this is a far cry from my normal rantings, but i feel there is a need to clear the air between what we know was fact and what is fiction...

First things first Vlad Draculea was not the the first son of Vlad Dracul of the Draculesti clan. However the way he got to become the "Impaler Prince" as people call him was due to the internal politicking and political rivalry between the Draculesti and the Danesti clans of Walachia, that is after Mircea Dracul was murdered by those loyal to the Danesti. Take further into account the fact that at the time the Christians under Hungary and the Muslims under the Ottoman empire were jostling for control over the local populace. We see a avenue for the rise of Vlad Draculea, for at the time due to the political authority the Ottomans had over Walachia ,Vlad Draculea together with his Brother Radu were both hostages in the care of Sultan Murad II. Upon the death of their brother Vlad was given the authority and duty to lead and rule Walachia at the behest of the Ottoman Turks.

Having been brought up by the Turks to a certain extent Vlad incorporated certain aspects of turkish culture in his clothing as well as demeanor. This brings us to the aspect in which he is so famously known for "execution via Impaling" just to clarify, impaling was actually a method of execution used by the Ottoman Turks on political prisoners whose mouths could not be silenced. Taking this into account we can see that Vlad learned the best way to instill fear and respect particularly among the nobles of Walachia was through the execution of those who betrayed his brother via the process of Impaling.

As a result many aspects of Vlad Draculea's notoriety was constructed by the political and social landscape in which he both grew up and administrated, while i find his methods crude, he was also a law giver and the best thing to happen to Walachia at the time.

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