Thursday, 23 October 2014

Of Dogs And Men

It seems to me that JAKIM has the "authority" to intepret what GOD, ALLAH, YAHWEH or whatever you wish to call the Divine's, message to humankind is. That suddenly dogs are spawns of evil that will drag you down to the lowest pits of hell just by being touched by them or touching them for no reason. I mean are they stupid, of course people touch dogs for a reason, they touch them to show them that they are cared for. Dog's are one of many of the creature's created by the Divine and put on this earth. Yes they may be dirty, but its not as if soap or any other form of cleansing materials have not been invented.

To those who are against touching dogs i'm cool with that, just don't harass those who want to. I am just tired of seeing on my news feed/twitter feed people supporting but not supporting, here im referring to those who say, "Oh the event was good, but the way it was carried out was wrong". Look regardless of the way it was carried out, it was carried out, if you don't like it then that's your prerogative but when you say stupid shit like that it just makes you look like a dumbfuck. I mean we claim to want to evolve into an educated society but we still have a large majority of people who refuse to educate themselves.

If anything this whole shenanigan about the dogs and threats towards the event organizer, shows to people how retarded SOME Muslims can be. Heck it then leads to the negative perceptions of Islam from those who are not followers, as if the Islamic State hadn't already confirmed most of the negative suspicions. Islam is not an exclusive religion heck its one of the religions that actively accepts converts however in Malaysia, Islam is backed up by racial sentiments and race-based cultural practices. As such the Religion is now an exclusive mark of a "Malay" in this country.

I feel I have ranted enough, all these opinions are my own, challenge me for them if you wish but all i speak is the truth from my current viewpoint.

Peace be upon all,
Ashli Burton Bin Amir

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