Tuesday, 22 July 2014


There are many definitions for the word terrorism but for me, I believe that the word terrorism comes from the word terror which means to instill fear and uncertainty within the hearts of all creatures. As such an act of terrorism or terrorist act need not necessarily be one that is physical, it could be verbal or even psychological, as long as the element of fear is the main goal of said act. Thus this leads me to a list of a few organizations that i would consider Terrorist organizations.

1. Al-Qaeda
3. Jemaah Islamiah
4. Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front
5. Hamas
6. Israeli Defense Force
8. PAS
11. JAIS and all other State religious departments
12. The Catholic Church (for some)
13. The Federal Government of The United States of America
14. Democratic Action Party (DAP)
15. Parti Keadilan Rakyat

These of course are my own personal opinions, however each of the organizations mentioned above have been involved in instances where they used fear for their own personal gain.

Regards, and Mohon Butthurt
Ashli Burton Bin Amir

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