Thursday, 5 June 2014

Random Rant About Random Stuff

Greetings readers of this blog,
Let me start by warning you, what i say is my own personal opinion any insult caused is totally on the part of the reader and i bear no responsibility for the Butthurt caused.

So there is a growing concern in this country that religious sentiments are being fanned to the point of extremism, in this i agree but why is this so? its because of dumb shits like certain members of religious and raced based NGOs who feel threatened by the thought of free thought. Yet we allow these shit heads to continue spreading their ideologies and messages of idiocy to the equally dumb members of civil society who believe that just because you speak passionately about something what you are saying is the gospel truth. If that's the case Hitler must have been right about everything.

People lets start thinking for ourselves, lets not let our minds be dictated by what other people say lets not be shackled by the chains of stupidity and conformity lets change to create a more enlightened and better future, one where knowledge knows no bounds and intellectual discourse will flourish.

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